Bloom & Recede Vinyl


Side A
1. Desert Blooms
2. Pluck
Side B
3. Tar Pits
4. Pacific Glow
Side C
5. Time Dilates
6. Entangled
Side D
7. Transfixed view
8. Golden Ratio
9. Desert Recedes

“The origins of this album go back to a special set of music we performed at our Summerdance festival in the summer of 2019. We brought out a large stack of modular synths, mixers and effects to play a set that leaned heavily into techno, house and electronica – almost a hybrid live DJ set without turntables. A few ideas from that set became the origins of “Pluck” and “Tar Pits” and created a template for us to dive further into synth-focused music and for me to build a modular system to use live with Lotus. In many ways the musical influences here go back to some of our earliest electronic music experiences – Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Underworld. In the 90s those artists used a lot of hardware synths and analog gear. To my ear, it is a timeless sound that savors the imperfections of the instruments.” – Jesse Miller

Released: August 26, 2022

All songs written and produced by Luke Miller and Jesse Miller.
Drum, guitar and piano recordings at Miner Street Recordings by Matt Poirier. Percussion recordings at Spice House Sound by Alex Santilli and Eric Bogacz. Cello on “Entangled” by Dan Kassel. Mixed by Jesse Miller. Mastered by Ryan Schwabe. Painting by Pearl Cowan.

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